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Mintai Kim

  • Professor

Dr. Kim's work across research, teaching, scholarship, and engagement focuses on understanding environmental disturbances, such as light pollution and sea level rise, and working toward community and environmental resilience. Specifically, he focuses on two core areas: nightscape research and Geodesign. He has developed new methods for measuring light pollution with high-resolution imagery and studied human perceptions of nightscape using eye-tracking devices and brain scans. He uses Geodesign, a collaborative framework used by scholars and practitioners to solve complex environmental problems, to engage coastal communities challenged by sea level rise. 

Resilience, Sustainability, Ecological Design, Feng Shui, Geographic Information Systems, 

LAR 5154 Environment and Resilience in Design
LAR 4084 Land Design and Planning
LAR 3044 Land Analysis
LAR 1254 Environment and Natural Systems

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CELA Excellence in Research and/or Creative Works Award (Senior level), CELA 2018 Conference, Blacksburg, Virginia 

CAUS Certificate for Excellence in Scholarship, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Virginia Tech

Best Scientific Paper, 18th International Conference on Information Technology in Landscape Architecture (Digital Landscape Architecture Conference), Germany 

2nd Place, Best Paper, 16th International Conference on Information Technology in Landscape Architecture, Dessau, Germany      

2014 Research Excellence Award, Malaysian Institute of Landscape Architect (ILAM)

J. Stoeckel Design Studio Teaching Excellence Award, School of Architecture + Design, Virginia Tech 


Ph.D. 2001. Environmental Planning. University of California at Berkeley.

MLA. 1994. Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. University of California at Berkeley.

BS. 1988. Landscape Architecture. University of Seoul.