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Jaeyoung Ha

Assistant Professor

Jaeyoung Ha is an Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at Virginia Tech. His primary areas of focus for research, teaching, and practice lie in three domains. The first is the exploration of how the built and natural environments affect people's mental and physical well-being, with an emphasis on advancing our understanding of these mechanisms. The second area of his expertise revolves around the utilization of immersive visualization technology (e.g., Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality) to develop advanced research and teaching methodologies that facilitate evidence-based design. Lastly, he engages in interdisciplinary and collaborative research across various disciplines with a focus on climate resilience design and planning. He is a licensed landscape architect in Korea and managed numerous landscape and urban design projects, including urban parks, recreational, commercial, and community development.

Mental wellbeing: mental health/wellbeing, restorative environments, social and environmental justice

Immersive environment: Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR)

Regional climate and environment: climate change mitigation, disaster resilience design and planning

Ecology: Landscape ecology, Landscape pattern, Biodiversity, Ecological design and planning

Spatial analysis: Remote sensing, Geographical information system (GIS)

LAR 4254/5253: Landscape Architecture Theory

'- Ha, J., Kim, H. J., & With, K. A. (2022). Urban green space alone is not enough: A landscape analysis linking the spatial distribution of urban green space to mental health in the city of Chicago. Landscape and Urban Planning, 218, 104309.

- Ha, J., & Kim, H. J. (2021). The restorative effects of campus landscape biodiversity: Assessing visual and auditory perceptions among university students. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 64, 127259.


Ph.D. in Environmental Design and Planning, Kansas State University

MLA, Seoul National University

BS in Landscape Architecture, Pusan National University