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Experiential Learning Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all students are assigned a desk in proximity to other students in their design laboratory classes. We see this valuable workspace as the first step to working in a design office. It is a professional, lively, and creative area in which students can benefit from room to work and peer interaction. It is recommended that students get foot lockers to store under their desks to secure valuables. 

The design laboratory spaces are accessible to currently enrolled students 24/7. After business hours for the office and Art and Architecture Library, the building is accessible to this population of students through their Hokie Passport (student ID card).

Yes, students are trained in their first year to safely use the wood shop and metal shop. Other maker spaces that are open depending on course enrollment or project assignments include printmaking, ceramics, fiber arts, biomaterials, and others. 


Most workshops require safety courses or students need to be enrolled in skills based classes in the different workshops. 


Workshop hours vary from space to space. Check with the shop staff to confirm hours of operation, but typically the wood and metal shops are open from 8-5pm, with some evening hours available in the woodshop. 

Students do not need to make a reservation for the workshops, but sometimes for individual tools like 3D printers or laser cutters.

Students can enroll in undergraduate research courses or apply to be a research assistant on available projects. 

Each year study abroad programs are offered by the School of Design. Locations include South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The duration can be from two weeks to a semester. There are some exchange programs available through international universities. You can find more information at the Global Education Website

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