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Jenn Engelke

Assistant Professor

Jenn Engelke is currently an Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture at Virginia Tech. Her research investigates ecological design and restoration in urban areas, specifically exploring how landscapes can reveal human/more-than-human narratives and engage community in meaningful ways to create holistic systems. It examines landscape literacy, ecological literacy, and place attachment through the lens of systems-based thinking and design, specifically with eco-revelatory design, community engagement, and storytelling through design. Additionally, Jenn is interested in ecological design and innovative methods of green infrastructure. She is a licensed landscape architect and has practiced in Austin, TX and Chicago, IL. She is currently serving on the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Ecological Design, Stormwater, Restoration, Watershed Planning, Community Planning, Green Infrastructure, Habitat Design, Natural Systems, Urban Ecology, Human/More-than-Human Relationships, Floating Wetlands, and Holistic Landscapes.

LARCH 3154/4304/5304G: Watershed Sensitive Design and Construction

LARCH 2015/4507: Design Studio – Places and Process

LARCH 4014/5014: Design Studio – Design and Construction Documentation


Andrews, L., Mocorro Powell, A. D., Rottle, N., & Engelke, J. (2022). Advancing equity and justice through community science programming in design, construction, and research of a nature-based solution: the Duwamish Floating Wetlands Project. Socio-Ecological Practice Research, 4(4), 377–391.

Rottle, N., Bowles, M., Andrews, L., & Engelke, J. (2022). Constructed floating wetlands: a “safe‐to‐fail” study with multi‐sector participation. Restoration Ecology, 31(1).

De Almeida, C. & Engelke, J. (2020). Liberty Bank Building. Landscape Performance Series. Landscape Architecture Foundation.

Not Peer-reviewed:

Engelke, Jennifer. (2023). Towards a Holistic Landscape: Understanding, Repairing, and Sustaining Systems. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

Engelke, Jennifer. (2012). Wetlands: A flooding Solution. K-State Research Exchange. 

Keane, T., Buffington, J., Clark, J., Denlinger, D., Engelke, J., Musoke, E., Stout, B., Sullivan, J., Tucker, T., Barnes, P.L., and Sanders, C. (2012). Watershed Assessment for River Stability and Sediment Supply Applied to Wildcat Creek Watershed in Riley County, Kansas. K-State Research Exchange. – Equal authorship to all writers.

Green Futures Lab. (2022). Sweetgrass Living Shorelines Monitoring Report. For King County Waterworks Grant. – Jenn oversaw Research and Design for this project.

Green Futures Lab. (2020). Duwamish Floating Wetlands Monitoring Report – Year 2. For King County Waterworks Grant. – Jenn was the senior field researcher.

Green Futures Lab. (2019). Duwamish Floating Wetlands Monitoring Report – Year 1. For King County Waterworks Grant. – Jenn was the field researcher for Plants and Water Quality.


PhD, Interdisciplinary Program of the Built Environment, University of Washington

MLA, Landscape Architecture, Kansas State University