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Jonas Hauptman

Assistant Professor

Jonas is an inventor, designer and Co-leads the Bio Design Research Group at Virginia Tech. Over the past twenty years, he has founded multiple award-winning enterprises that leverage specialized fabrication with novel material approaches.  Since 2017 he has been a fellow to Virginia Tech’s Institute for Creativity and Innovation, which help, support his bio-inspired design research multiple projects several with programming bamboo, through growth, as well as both additive and subtractive fabrication of composite building and manufacturing systems. Winning several prestigious awards including the University of Michigan’s Oberdick Fellowship-2004, the AIA Upjohn award-2018, the Arnold W. Brunner Grant-2019 and Center for Craft Creativity & Design Award-2019, as runner-up, Autodesk ACADIA Emerging Research Award  amongst others.  Hauptman presently serves as the faculty mentor to a team of students that won the Carbon XPrize award in 2021 for a project that seeks to transform the global housing deficit into a gigaton carbon warehouse through developing elegant, human centered bamboo housing.  His work has exhibited internationally in the Venice Biennale 2021 and cited in numerous design publications, including Architect, Internet, Metropolis, Dwell, the New York Times and others. He has recently filed a provisional patent for Mass Bamboo building system that uses lightly modified culm bamboo to create laminated structural building panels.

Generative Design/ Biomaterials/ Circular Economy

IDS 3124: Material & Process of Industrial Design
IDS 2015/16: Industrial Design Laboratory II
ARCH 5755: Advanced Design Laboratory 

2022 Footprint + Net Zero Real Estate Conference and Exhibition, “Bamboo Dialogues” Gransberg, Crolla, Thomas, Cardenas, Hauptman

2021 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Virtual Pavilion Sezione del Padiglione, Italia “Building with Biology” Hauptman, Hack, Moghaddam & Zesk

2022 International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology*. “Sustainable from the start: Activating sustainability priorities within early-stage product design education" Russell, Moore, Hindman, Hauptman, McGinnis

2022 International Conference on Non-conventional Materials and Technologies “Smart Bamboo Systems: Combining Material Intelligence with Modern Manufacturing” Hauptman, Hindman, Hack, and Marggraf

2022 37th National Conference on the Beginning Design Student “Exploring Life Centered Design Through Standardless Materials” Hauptman

2019 International Architectural Research Centers Consortium “Bamboo: Stigma & Perception in the Western Cultural Context” Schumann, Hauptman, MacDonald

2019 4th International Sustainable Buildings Symposium “Structural Performance of Faced Calcutta Bamboo for Use in Joined Structural Assemblies” Hauptman, MacDonald, Schumann, Hindman, Hammett

2019 Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture Conference “Digital Fabrication of Standardless Materials” MacDonald, Schumann and Hauptman

2022 US Provisional Patent Application, No. 63/341,120 Hauptman, Hindman. Modified Bamboo Composite Systems.

2022 Global Construction Task Force, International Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) organization, appointed

2021 Musk Foundation, Student Carbon XPrize, Londoño, Lin, Marggraf, Stolwyk, Botía, Franca and Faculty Advisor: Hauptman. 250,000 USD

2021 Certificate for Creative Achievement, VT, College of Architecture & Urban Studies

2019 Runner Up - Autodesk Emerging Research Award, Association for Computer Aided MacDonald, Schumann, Hauptman

2019 New Faculty Teaching Award, Virginia Tech, School of Architecture + Design

2021 Certificate of Excellence in Outreach, College of Architecture & Urban Studies


2000 Master of Fine Art in Metalsmithing, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI

1995 Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI