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Yoon Jung Choi

Assistant Professor

Yoon Jung Choi is an assistant professor in Industrial Design at Virginia Tech. Her research interests focus on the application of design to social, environmental and humanitarian innovation in creating products, interactions and systems and sustainable innovation through impactful industry/ public collaboration. Yoon completed her PhD at the Royal College of Arts. Her thesis focuses on design for owner–object detachment through care practice, for object longevity and environmental benefit. Yoon has a MA in Communication design at Kingston University. She has ten years’ experience in industry, as a senior/ middle-level designer at various brand design consultancies in London and then as an independent designer at Samsung Design Europe, Lewis Moberly and SiebertHead for clients such as Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Cussons, GSK, Carlsberg, McDonald’s, Werther’s Original and Sainsbury’s. She has previously taught in Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and Royal College of Art. 

Sustainability, Circular Economy, Participatory design research method, Design for behaviour change, Packaging design

IDS 3514 : Design Research
IDS 4015 : Industrial Design Lab IV 

Choi, Y. 2019. 2020. Design to Let Things Go: Towards an understanding of user detachment from hibernating or accumulated objects at end of use and the promotion of object longevity and material circulation through care practice. PhD. Thesis, Royal College of Art, London. 

International Journal and Conferences
Choi, Y. 2023. Implementation of AI in the toy and game product design to foster sustainable play: Literature Review and Conceptual Framework of Circular Economy Requirements. In: Sustainable Innovation 2023, 20-26 March 2023, Surry, UK. Upcoming proceeding.

Choi, Y. Integrating Care Practice into Product Design Education: Insights on Care-giving Behaviour, Design and Sustainability. In 2nd International Research & Education in Design Conference 2022, 19 & 20 May, Portugal. [Online].  Lisbon School of Architecture of the University of Lisbon.

Choi, Y., Ballie, J. and Puri, Al. Reincarnation & Upcycling. In: Charter, M. ed. In Accelerating Sustainability in Fashion, Apparel and Textiles. Routledge, Upcoming book chapter

Choi, Y., Rodgers, P. and Lee, K. Commitment and Responsibility in the design process for sustainable behaviour: commitment and responsibility in packaging reuse 2021. In: 4th Product Lifetime And The Environment conference, 26th-28th May, Ireland. [Online]. University of Limerick, 

Choi, Y. & Stevens, J. 2021. Care practice and product-service system: design thinking towards user detachment from hibernating or accumulated clothing at end of use. In: Sustainable Innovation 2021, 15-21 March 2021, Surry, UK. [Online]. UK: University of the Creative Arts, pp.103-115.

Choi, Y., Stevens, J. and Brass, C. 2018. Carative Factors in the Design Development Process: Towards Understanding Owner-Object Detachment and Promoting Object Longevity. The Design Journal, 21 (4), pp. 447-497.  

Choi, Y., Stevens, J. and Brass, C. 2017. Carative Factors to Guide Development Process for Object-Owner Detachment in Enabling an Object’s Longevity. In: 2nd Product Lifetime and The Environment Conference, 8-10 November 2017, Netherland. [Online]. TU Delft University, pp.84-88

Choi, Y., Stevens, J. and Brass, C. 2015. Opportunities for Sustainable Packaging Design: Learning Pregnancy as a Metaphor. In: Sustainable Innovation 2015 20th International Conference ‘State of Art’ Sustainable Innovation & Design, 9-10 November 2015, Surry, UK. [Online]. UK: University of the Creative Arts, pp.55-65.

International Magazine
UPM Biofore beyond fossils, 18th Jan 2021 Top 3 packaging trends set to dominate 2021.

KIDP, What is design research? 19th  Oct 2021

Design Week. Vol 20, 2005. Concept sketches of the future New York taxi.

New Design, July 2005. The series of design ideas for the article ‘if..’.

Packaging Design News, September 2005. Concept sketches of the future water bottle. 

Royal College of Arts, London, UK
Work in Progress Show 2016

Royal College of Arts, London, UK
Work in Progress Show 2015

Design Trust for Public Space at Parsons School of Art and Design, New York, USA Publish exhibition,2006

Journal Reviewer

The Design Journal, Reviewer 
2018 – Present

Design and Culture, Reviewer 

Toshiba Hard Disc Drive Revolution Design Competition, UK
Highly commended Award, 2005

ICI Dulux Student Design Award 
Runner up Prize, 2001


Ph.D., Innovation Design Engineering, Royal College of Art, UK

MA., Graphic Communication Design, Kingston University, UK

BA., Product Design at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, UK